Healed in Victory

From HIV to Christ


The Origin of Healed In Victory

There is a story Behind Why I started the Healed In Victory Ministry International.

It was my regular Friday morning appointment to see the HIV specialist. On that day it was raining and I Realised that Jesus could heal me but He hadn’t. I cried out to the Lord and asked Him why He hadn’t healed me yet. I knew He could heal me and that He had the power to heal me.



The Lord spoke directly to my spirit saying “I have given you the breath of life. I have blessed you with a miracle daughter”


I told Jesus how much I hated the stigma associated with HIV! I asked Jesus for His understanding and reasons why I was suffering with AIDS. 


The Lord spoke a second time saying “HIV means Healed In Victory through the Cross”



Over the years God healed me gradually and allowed me to take the antiviral medication less and less. Eventually God has fully restored me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  


God Still Heals Today

Jesus Christ is same yesterday, today, and forever.

Hebrews 13:8


I honestly believe Jesus wants to heal you and to restore your soul.


Healed in Victory is a ministry dedicated to helping people receive healing and salvation from King Jesus


Healed in Victory International

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Our New Book

KoHsin Illingworth

Real Mums
Real Struggles
Real Love
Real Jesus!

be encouraged and inspired by the real stories and testimonies of mums who have found hope in Jesus Christ. 

Profits from this book will help this ministry share the Gospel worldwide through KoHsin’s Powerful testimony.


Praise God my sister KoHsin am pst.Dennis from Africa kenya i work as community health worker dealing with people living with HiV aids.am so happy for your testimony that I read loud to my surpport.

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The Impact of Healed in Victory
Pastor Dennis (Kenya)
25 May 2021

Dear Kohsin, after the meeting we did together, God helped me print out 30 copies of your testimony and distribute it to the people of Kakamega town who received healing through the Holy Spirit.

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God Moved in Kakamega
Pastor Steven (Kenya)
17 November 2021

I am a woman who has been through severe depression. I contracted HIV from my unfaithful husband & been living without peace since. After attending a healing...

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The Power of Testimony
Ms Alinafe Maso (Malawi)
1 December 2021

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